With IBI-aws you will get all the benefits from an innovative information system that will allow you to inform your employees easily, specifically and without delay. The design of IBI-aws is based on the needs within daily operation and was realized in close collaboration with helpdesk personnel, IT professionals and software developers. Its concept is based on simplicity and practical relevance as well as scalability. Our goal has been to create an independent and simple but also user-friendly system that will automatize information in order to provide the specific employees with information without delay.

Recently added Features


MultilingualismIn order to provide employees with information in an international environment we implemented the option of creating a message in different languages. If a message appears the employee can select the suitable language out of the languages provided.

Window Title

The window title is an additional feature within the recognition of applications. An application can only be specified with the help of one or more window titles. They will help you to distiguish applications from those with the same process name but different window titles. It will allow you to send messages even if a user displays an intranet or internet site in the web browser.


Now IBI-aws provides the feature of adding hyperlinks to messages. A link can be added to words or parts of a text as usual. The user can click on the link and will be able to add information e.g. manuals, procedures, intranet pages etc. to a message.



If the presentation mode is activated IBI-aws messages will not interrupt presentations. Silent messages will be displayed instead which can be read after the presentation.

Active and future Messages

Up to now only messages were added to the history that have actually been sent. Now you can also read the active messages and learn more about future messages. You will recognize active messages by a modified IBI-aws symbol in the task bar.


Practical Relevance

Practical Relevance

The planning process and development of IBI-aws has been profoundly influenced by a practical orientation and is based on the needs of our IT service department and the experience we have gained within our customer service. Out of this symbiosis a software has been developed, which is able to fully map all system requirements and at the same time feature simple installation and operation.


IBI-aws will allow you to inform your users always at the right time. To do so it provides two types of messages.

General Message— this type will appear on the users screen within a defined time frame. You can specifiy the users who are going to receive the general message.

Application-specific Message— this message type is an add-on to the general message. It will only appear if the user is actually using an application or if he is about to start an application. Thus important questions will be answered in the very moment they appear.

Display Mode

There are currently 3 different display modes available. Depending on the importance and urgency of the information IBI-aws will allow you to select the corresponding display mode.

Fullscreen — The message will fill the display entirely. After reading the information the user can close the message to clear the screen. He is then able to recall the information by calling up the message in the “history”. This mode is particularly useful for important and urgent information.

Insertion — The message will appear in the Windows task bar. With this mode the user will not be disturbed but may read the information as soon as his workload permits. This mode is suitable for information that has no urgent matter and thus does not need to be read at once but still is important.

Silent — This is the most discrete mode available. It changes the IBI-aws symbol beside the system watch into a flashing symbol and calls the users attention to a new message he has just received. To read the information the user will click on the symbol to display the message entirely.

Central Information Source

The system is source of information for employees in every functional area. In the administration sector service desk employees will immediatelly be notified whether users have been informed about incidents or maintenance. In the client sector the latest message will be displayed immediatelly. In addition, past and future messages can be displayed and thus will allow users to learn about upcoming maintenance and organize themselves accordingly.

Blocking applications

Administors in particular appreciate one function: The blocking of the start of applications and the closing of running applications. This feature is particularly helpful if a maintenance service is performed which will cause problems if applications continue to run.

Net Send

Most administrators are familiar with the command „net send“, yet receiving these kind of messages depends on certain basic conditions. New system software do not provide the service anymore. IBI-aws provides the simplicity of net send but, moreover, it comprises a variety of options.



Select the suitable modality out of different addressing modalities to transmit messages to your users. To optimize the transmission you can use the different versions individually as well as in combination.


You will not have to consider individual users applying a certain application. Simply limit a message to the respective application and IBI-aws will automatically inform only those users who will be actually affected by a current incident.


Client specific

Intelligent application identification will allow you to provide specific information for individual clients or installations within an application. Should you operate a system such as SAP with IBI-aws you can specifically address users who use a certain SAP module.


If your network is structured in logical fields you will be able to use the fields to send messages to network sectors or individual Ip’s.

In- and Exclusions

The addressing options Active Directory and Network can be used for inclusions as well as for exclusions. With inclusion you will define every Active Directory unit and Network unit which is supposed to receive a message. Exclusions define those Active Directory units or Network units which are supposed to not receive messages within the enclosed sectors. You can use this setting for each message individually or assign it for a whole group of messages.

General Exclusions

You can also define general exclusions. To do so use the addressing options “Network” and “Active Directory”. This option is particularly useful for terminals in public areas.

Active Directory

To make the existing structure of your Active Directory exploitable we designed IBI-aws to enable you to send messages to users, computers, groups or organisation units of your Active Directory. Thus with this feature a time consuming and redundant user administration can be omitted.

Active Directory

Web Applications

The IBI-aws Client will automatically recognize the web application which is currently in use and thus will inform the appropriate user. The web application identification runs independently from your browser and neither applications nor services have to be installed on the clients.

Time Limit

An employee will receive a message within a defined time frame. Exceeding the end of this time limit or after maintenance completion including deactivation of the corresponding message the message will be removed.

Hides automatically

If a message is no longer relevant (the time slot of the message has ended or the message has been deactivated) the message itself will no longer be displayed. Messages currently displayed will be closed automatically.



Message Groups

Message Groups will allow departments, e.g. manufactory A and manufactory B or administration and production, to receive messages individually. Each message group will feed its assigned IBI-aws Clients with information. All remaining selections to define who is going to receive information will be assigned within the message group.

Message Groups

User Interface

The user interface of the administration module is based on the Microsoft management console. Thus it permits a very intuitive operation and the system will find effective use very quickly. You will need no training for operating the display client.

Consistent information transmission

An automatization within your selection criterions will guarantee a transmission of the intended information to the appropriate receiver in a predetermined quality at the right time and place.


The preview feature will allow you to look at the message you have created. It will be displayed in the same way the receivers computer will display it after release. If the result does not match your expectation the message can be adapted accordingly.


Messages can be created ahead. This feature is particularly useful for creators as they are no longer required for publication. Employees already have the chance to take a look at future messages. In case an employee usually works with a certain application every friday from 08:00 to 12:00 and maintenance is planned for it on the following friday the employee is already informed an will be able to re-plan his work day.


IBI-aws pools will help you to create new messages. All information e.g. applications and network addresses which already have been created before will be saved on request and will be available for new messages. Additionally, you can group applications or network addresses to make them even easier to assign.



Without Setup

Neither the client nor the administration module needs a setup and therefore can be deployed centrally in a network environment. The client doesn’t need any major permission than the logged in users on your working stations.


No additional software components or services are required for installation. IBI-aws is completely transparent and always traceable in its structure and function.

Minimum Requirements

No additional infrastructure is required for initial operation. Your users gain access to IBI-aws via fileshare or web server. Minimum requirement for clients is Windows 2000 SP 4. Windows XP as well as NET Framework 3.5 SP1 are minimum requirement for the administrators computer where messages are created.


The system is perfectly adjustable to your infrastructure. No matter if you have several sites or only one, it can always be set up accordingly.

Installationsschema #1


With the file based concept you can scale the system according to your needs. You will not need administrator rights and you don’t have to open additional ports on firewalls. Users simply need access to the file share or a web server and thus will be connected to the system.


Backing up IBI-aws is quite simple. Due to the file based concept the administrator can easily administrate the backup process himself via Shadow Copy. You will find additional security with the integration into the backup concept of your company.


You can rely on a system that operates independently from general information systems such as telephone, e-mail, intranet, internet, SMS etc. It will be available even if the general information system fails and you will not be able to contact your employees by these means.


By assigning reading and writing permissions the administrator controls the system. He will appoint users to create messages and users to simply receive them. For those users who will only receive information you will need reading and execution permissions on the network share.



Corporate Design

The client is perfectly adaptable to the corporate design of your organisation. Thus messages to your employees will fit excellently into your corporate communication.




The system supports complete multilingualism on the clients. If you would like to add a language on the client which hasn’t been integrated yet we’ll be happy to implement it for you. All we need from you to do so is the corresponding text.


Whether you would like to use the system as a simple information system for your employees or as an add on to ticketing system, software distribution, telephone, e-mail, intranet etc. the system will perfectly supplement existing concepts and will round off the common options.

Ticketing Systems

IBI-aws is an ideal complement to every existent ticketing system. Providing new options in granulation levels and refinements that no ticketing system will provide IBI-aws will allow you to communicate directly with your users.

Customer Feedback

The design of a software system like IBI-aws depends on its purpose. Therefore we will be happy to receive suggestions in order to improve our system. Every new release contains improvement suggestions made by our clients, e.g. adaptions and new functions.

Corporate Structure

You’d prefer a system adapting to your corporate structure? IBI-aws will grow with your company and adapts to your current standards. The system is entirely scalable and will be available anytime and anywhere no matter whether you want to apply it at a particular location or worldwide.

Support Process

IBI-aws assists you in order to optimize your IT support process sustainably. With IBI-aws you will be able to communicate pro-active and very specifically with your users. The service desk is regarded business card of computer science. By applying IBI-aws it will inform the appropriate user professionally, efficiently and competently.

ITIL Standard

Support processes nowadays are usually measured with the ITIL standard. With its options and functionalities IBI-aws supports the ITIL standard and offers an economic bonus for every informatics division and the company organisation as a whole.

Key facts in brief

  • Informs users appropriately
  • Indipendent from intranet or e-mail
  • Prevents the hotline from »glowing«
  • Relieves your support team
  • Will inform client specific if needed
  • No setup or admin permission required


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